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We prioritize the dignity, safety, and respect of each member of the HVPS College of Law community. Our unwavering dedication is to cultivate an academic environment devoid of gender-based discrimination, harassment, and misconduct. By proactively establishing the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC), we have complied with the directives of the National Commission for Women and the Honorable Supreme Court Judgment dated August 13th, 1997, in the case of Visakha and Others vs. the State of Rajasthan and Others.



  1. Don’t make any sexually colored verbal or non-verbal remarks or gestures, explicit or implicit.
  2. Don’t ask any inappropriate questions, or make suggestions or remarks about a person’s sexuality.
  3. Don’t make any unwanted physical contact or advances.
  4. Don’t demand or request any form of sexual favors.
  5. Don’t abuse your authority or power.
  6. Don’t share or show any form of pornography.
  7. Don’t stalk anyone including cyberstalking.
  8. Don’t indulge in any form of voyeurism.
  9. Don’t tolerate any sexual misconduct in your presence.


  1. Raise your voice against sexual harassment and approach the appropriate authority without any delay.
  2. Show your discomfort, if you are feeling uncomfortable by someone’s action, comment, or gesture.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the laws and guidelines for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment.

Constitution of Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) as per UGC Guidelines

Sr. No. Name Designation Contact No. Email-Id
1. Dr. Madhura Kalamkar Presiding Officer 022 25151763 principal@hvpslawcollege.edu.in
2. Ms. Asha Selvakumar Member Secretary


022 25151763 asha@hvpslawcollege.edu.in
3. Dr. Amar Salve Member


022 25151763 amar@hvpslawcollege.edu.in
4. Mrs. Prajakta Deorukhakar Member [Non-Teaching] 022 25151763 prajkta@hvpslawcollege.edu.in
5. Ms. Neha Naik Member


022 25151763 neha@hvpslawcollege.edu.in
6. Ms. Khushboo Goel NGO    
7. Ms. Niharika Thakur Student Representative    
8. Ms. Sharanya Vast Student Representative    
9. Ms. Kanishka Student Representative    

Note– All the above prohibited acts amount to Sexual Harassment under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 and are also a criminal offences under the Indian Penal Code, 1860 and few under the Information Technology Act, 2000.

Policy for Prevention of Sexual Harrasment

Our Commitment to Safety and Respect

The HVPS College of Law’s ICC functions as an integral element of our dedication to establishing a safe and all-encompassing atmosphere. Constituting a diverse group of academic personnel, administrative personnel, and student delegates, the committee is committed to preserving the tenets outlined in the Visakha case guidelines.

Confidential and Impartial Resolution

The ICC functions as a confidential and impartial platform for individuals to express their grievances pertaining to gender-based discrimination and pursue remedies. Adhering to the tenets of natural justice, the committee prioritizes the protection and privacy of complainants while ensuring equitable and impartial inquiry procedures.

Preventive Measures and Awareness Initiatives

Beyond addressing complaints, the ICC actively engages in preventive measures, including awareness campaigns, workshops, and training sessions. These initiatives aim to educate our college community about their rights and responsibilities and promote a shared understanding of respectful and inclusive behavior.

Responsive Action to Student Suggestions

HVPS College of Law takes student suggestions seriously and has a track record of responsive action. Past initiatives include skits, meetings with local law enforcement, peace marches, and collaboration with authorities to enhance security measures. The college has displayed a strong stance against harassment with banners and vigilance squads.

Comprehensive Complaint Management System

An advanced complaint management system is in place at our institution. The college administration has implemented an open-door policy, a suggestion/complaint box, an anti-ragging cell, and the Women Development Cell (WDC) and Internal Complaints Committee [ICC], Anti-Discrimination Cell and Minority Cell. We promptly and effectively implement measures, which may include counseling and, if required, involving parents and concerned educators.

Special Facilities for Female Staff and Students

In order to safeguard the welfare of its female staff and students, HVPS College of Law implements a range of measures including 24/7 security, immaculate facilities, CCTV monitoring, medical assistance, and specialized sports coaching. Our organization is committed to establishing a setting that nurtures holistic development and individual progress.

Equal Opportunities and protection for all students of the college

Our college is committed to providing equal opportunities for both male and female students. The student council, associations, and various initiatives focus on inclusivity, participation, and the overall well-being of every member of our college community. At HVPS College of Law, the ICC stands as a testament to our dedication to justice, equality, and the well-being of every individual. Together, we contribute to the creation of a positive and enriching educational experience for all.

Facilities offered by the college


Our college offers mentorship to students for freely discussing their educational, and emotional problems. Regular parent meetings are conducted and if a student is irregular the root cause of the problem is deciphered. When our team of female students goes outstation to participate in camps, competitions, or industrial visits, they are accompanied by female teachers.


Our College has an excellent counselor having experience working with street children and adolescents. They also approach her to discuss their problems, and, if there are serious issues; she informs the head of the institution and parents to refer the patient to a clinical Psychologist. Students are counseled on stress and anger management.

The formally constituted Vigilance squad of the college takes frequent supervisory rounds of the college to ensure the safety of girls. The Security personnel and watchman also ensure that students are safe on the premises. The college has CCTV at the entrance, canteen, labs and all floors. Video surveillance acts as a deterrent to any untoward incidents.


The girls’ common room is a place for female students to relax.  It is well-ventilated. A separate suggestion box is kept in the girls’ common room. Some female attendants ensure the safety of girls and also maintain cleanliness in the girls’ common room.

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