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# All Non-Legal Subjects, Core Subjects, Elective Subjects will have

  1. Internal Assessment –  40 Marks
  2. Semester end Papers – 60 Marks

# All applied component group will have 100 Marks exams.


The students admitted in the Three Years LL.B and Five Years B.L.S./LL.B Programmes before A.Y. 2019-2020 shall be assessed by conducting a 100 marks exam at the end of each Semester.

As per the University of Mumbai Circular No. UG/19 of 2019-20, the Manual on Semester Based Credit and Grading System has been implemented from the Academic Year 2019-2020 onwards for the Three Years LL.B and Five Years B.L.S./LL.B Programmes.

A learner who, before coming into force of the CBGS pattern, is already admitted to the first or second year of the three years or first to fourth of the five years B.L.S./LL.B. Programme under the present examination system shall be integrated into the Choice Based Credit and Grading System (CBCGS) pattern as per the above-stated manual.

Thereby the allocation of marks of all Non-Legal Subjects, Core Subjects and Elective Subjects are as shown below:-

  • Internal Assessment – 40%
  • Semester End Examination – 60%

The examinations for the Applied Component Group Courses/Papers of the 3 years LL.B. programme and of the 5 years B.L.S.,LL.B. programme respectively are conducted for a total of 100 marks.

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